Perioperative Management

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Perioperative Management

Efficient clinical supply management can be challenging for operating room staff. In fact, 42.4% of perioperative inefficiency is linked to increased costs, decreased patient satisfaction, and, most importantly, increased patient morbidity.1 We believe that a collaborative approach between materials management teams, clinical practice teams, and vendor partners is essential for driving positive change. That's why we've partnered with clinical and supply chain experts, including many Lean Certified CNORs, CSTs, and CFAs, to create Medline's Perioperative Resource Center. Our comprehensive approach streamlines perioperative supply flow, delivering the right product at the right time to help improve patient satisfaction and enhance patient outcomes.

The Benefits of Perioperative Management

  • Customized Recommendations for Incremental Savings
    We help healthcare organizations achieve cost savings through standardizing care with SKU consolidation and finding clinically equivalent cost savings items. 
  • Enhanced Processes
    Our processes help healthcare professionals learn how to decrease touchpoints, which decreases the risk of sterile field contamination from opening single sterile items and traffic in the OR. We also offer kitting to help HCPs spend less time picking supplies and more time with their patients, and decreased turnover time to maximize FTEs.
  • Pack and Instrument Standardization
    We offer intuitively designed products that are paired with utilization recommendations to support best practices. This includes pack and instrument standardization, so that every surgical team has what they need, when they need it, every time. Regular pack reviews decrease waste and inefficiencies, and every patient receives the same standard of care for every case.
30% of a hospital’s budget goes to perioperative services, mostly for purchasing, handling, and using sterile surgical inventory 2  
$15M wasted annually by U.S. hopsitals on single sterile shelf items that go unused 3
$12.1M average U.S. hospitals overspend on supply chain costs 4  
20% of perioperative nurses expected to retire within the next 5 years, costing hospitals $120,000 to train new graduate nurses 5  
28 minutes median OR turnover time6

Best Practice Guidance

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Best Practices for Efficient OR Turnover Times

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Best Practices for Supply Management

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Guidelines for Hand Hygiene in the OR

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Guidelines for Preference Card Management

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education and training

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A Comprehensive Review of Electrosurgery and Fire Safety Considerations (1.5 CE for Nurses)

Review electrosurgical safety precautions and safe practices to implement a successful fire safety program in your facility. 

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When Things Get Hairy: Considerations for Preoperative Hair Removal (1.0 CE for Nurses)

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Safe Medication Practices in the Operating Room (1.0 CE for Nurses)

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Skin and Pressure Injury Prevention in the Perioperative Department (1.0 CE for Nurses)

Explore evidence-based interventions to prevent skin injury from occurring in surgical patients. 

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9 on the Line: Patient Safety in the Operating Room (2.0 CE for Nurses)

Become a patient safety champion in the operating room by addressing various patient safety issues.

case studies and clinical evidence

Drive evidence-based practices and support a culture of safety

AORN, Association of periOperative Registered Nurses
Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Newsroom

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AST Guidelines for Best Practices for Sharps Safety and Use of the Neutral Zone

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AAMI Gown Level Standards

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National Patient Safety Goals® Effective January 2023 for the Ambulatory Health Care Program

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