Join the New HealthStream Community

Getting Access to the New Community is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Log into HealthStream as an Administrator 

Step 2

Click on the Community Icon or Button

Step 3

Create or Sign in with an hStream ID

Community Access Via Course Completion

Access may also be granted by completion of an assigned course. If you are not a HealthStream Administrator, and require access to the community, please reach out to your local administrator and request the "Get Access to the HealthStream Community" course.

Community Benefits and Resources

The new HealthStream Support Community will give you unprecedented access to product documentation and support resources.

Get Support and Expert Advice
  • Find the answers you need when you need them
  • Get access to training guides, how-tos, and recommended practice
  • Bookmark product support pages with curated community content to keep documentation and updates right at your fingertips
  • View archives of product notifications and release information
  • Subscribe to updates that matters to you
  • Research future purchases and access training materials in advance
  • Get feedback and expertise from HealthStream staff and Community Champions

Request Enhancements & Share Ideas
  • Share your best ideas and request upgrades and enhancements
  • Provide feedback and vote on the ideas of your peers
  • Stay informed on the status of enhancements and ideas

Connect with Your Peers
  • Collaborate with colleagues using the same products and services
  • Search a database of questions and answers from your peers
  • Connect online after live events
  • Discuss industry trends, issues, and solutions

Detailed Community Access Instructions with Screenshots

The New HealthStream Community has more resources and tools than ever before.

To get access to the new site, you will simply:

  1. Log into HealthStream as an administrator 
  2. Click on the Community icon in the App Drawer (the icon that says Apps in the top right in the navigation menu) or Community button in the right sidebar
  3. Create or sign-in to hStream ID and verify your account
  4. You will be redirected to the community home page and have access to all of our solution-based support communities. 
  5. You can bookmark and access it directly using your hStream ID going forward.