Customer Support

The HealthStream Customer Portal is Here!

Getting Access to the Portal is Easy!

Call 1-800-521-0574.

Fast track to the correct queue by Pressing 1, then #, then 1, then 1 again

Please let us know if you need to request access for multiple employees at your organization.

Portal Access Confirmation

Within two business days, you will receive a welcome email with the portal URL, your access credentials, and a short demo video.

If you don't receive the welcome email within two business days, please check your junk or spam folders as this is an auto-generated email.

Transition to the Case Portal

Submit, view, and manage all your support cases through the new and improved portal!

Submitting & Managing Cases

Submitting a Case
  1. Navigate to the HealthStream Portal home page included in your confirmation email

  2. Select "Submit a New Case"

  3. Complete the required fields

Tip: Include as much relevant information as possible. Screenshots and files can also be attached at this time. Providing details can improve case resolution time.

*Looking for myClinicalExchange or Policy Manager support?

Please reach out using the respective addresses:,